What Makes The Picko Work?

Khue brings his extensive experience in SEO, programing, web development and Internet Marketing to the table. Jennifer, a 10 year content marketing veteran, brings her knowledge of expert content marketing, writing and knowledge and interest in home and personal products that offer great functionality to the association. And it’s this combination that makes Fresh Top Ten stand out from other review sites.  The purpose is to offer an extensive, well thought-out and truthful opinion on some of the most current and trending product on the market today.

As they both say: “We have found such joy from sharing ideas and thoughts on products for the home, home décor, personal care and even travel. We  firmly believe in saving money and sharing what we know with everyone else.” This blog exists to encourage you to look into and research any home product you are thinking of purchasing before you make that all important buy. The purpose is to make sure you get the best product for your budget and your specific needs.